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Fleece Hats, Blankets and Baby Fleece Ponchos

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No Sew Toddler Fleece Poncho

This is what I did to make my Daughter Poncho, but there's probably dozens of ways to do it, pay no attention to the uneven edge or the pre cut hole, I had to do this differently to make the wording come out straight , but I'll try to tell you the easiest way too (just pay no attention to the weird edges or the precut neck) The girl on here is in size 12-18 Month clothing for reference.


(The way I did it is....If you have a child present, use the fabric and measure across her back and arms to where their hands are (either make them the length of their fingers stretched out, or longer if you like longer fringe) If you do not have a child present, use one of their long sleeve tops and add between 6-8" for hands (longer if you like longer fringe) This is going directly across the back though with the point to be at the center of the waist. )
1. The EASIEST way to do this, is get a piece of fleece, cut it about 26x26 (or 26x13 with longer piece folded in half as shown with fold at 0 line)

#1 (Act like the edge is even, just showing its inside out)

2. With the wrongside facing you, (inside out) fold square in half ON DIAGONAL (point to point) and lay down flat.


#3 Fold poncho in half again, (Look below)
#3 (All edges matching)

#3 Fold poncho in half again, and grab something with about a 4" circle. With neck fold tip in the center of the circle, pencil around the circle as shown.
(If you do not have a circle around you, measure 2" from point to top edge, 2" from point to bottom edge, and 2" from point to around center and try to draw out a 'piece of pie') Cut circle
***It is better for it to be too small first rather than too big***

Clear circles work great!

#4. Fold back out again in half, and cut fringe between 1/2" to 3/4"...heck, its yours, do however much you want!
From here, you can tie each strand into knots, add beads and tying into knots, leave it as it is, whatever you like! (If you tie it all the way up at the top of the cut though it will bunch up though)
To tie knot...wrap around your finger and pull through hole ;)

#4, you will be angling the cuts between top and center to match points of poncho so do it gradually

Put it on your child and enjoy the cuteness that you have now created on your kids, your grandkids, your dog, dolls, whoever!


I hope this helped you some. Thanks for looking!

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