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Fleece Hats, Blankets and Baby Fleece Ponchos

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No Sew Directions for Fringe Hats

Ok, No Sew, here we go


Measure around the head of intended hat recipient,  and add 10" total (either 10" for using 1 strip to have the edge "Knotted" so it has 5" fringe to close it, or 10" on each piece of fabric for using 2 pieces of fabric (5" fringe on both fringe sides) Plus as above, the 10" longer for the fringe at the top



Fold it in half (showing green to show the second half on the inside half)


(Forgot to use the green here) Put the edges together for the seam(s) to be cut and knotted.

On the at the top where the knots on the top of the head will be, Cut a 5x5" square out (like on the no sew blankets so there won't be bulk there) Cut 5" strips on the free edge to be "closed together" and also 5" strips on the top half (where the square was cut out) to as wide or as narrow as you want the strips to be


The very bottom while still folded into fourths, tie the first 2 rows of fleece on the INSIDE, inside left to outside right, then outside left to inside right. Then finish the next rows on the OUTSIDE (right side showing) the same way.


Then for the top, follow the same directions as shown for the sew....tie the inside strip to the outside strip for an OPEN hat, and the same fashion as you did the side of the hat (outer left inner right) for the top.

Flip up the bottom of the hat and it shows the knotted side you tied first and you're all set! (wear it in the front or back)


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