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Hi! Welcome to my Photo Page! I have added a few more pics, if you're a regular and think ya got what it takes, (meaning most people LIKE you! LMAO) please submit your pic to the email at the bottom of the page. Thank you for visiting my site, come again, and don't forget to sign the guestbook! (:i:)~Awatts~(:i:)

My sexy, sweet, cuddly real life husband, whom I have known almost 10 years now and is also a regular Netnoir member, that is, when I let him ON! He's my BABAY!! Luv ya honey!!
This is my big, sweet, lovable, kind, generous real life brother who I think is just silly as hell, and though he don't like the pics, I think he looks FOINE in these pics! Let him know if you agree!
Wedding photo
Well, this is our photo pic, taken May of 1996
Noremac's uncle, a up and coming web addict, like the rest of us..he's fine, employed, and single!!
This is one of my oldest friends that I still keep in touch with!! I've known him about 10 years, and he's a doll!!
Babymac and Noremac
Well, here's a pic of my family (without me at least for now) Aren't they too cute??
OMG! I have known this foine young man and his family since as far back as I remember! THEY GOOD PEEPS! I LUB THIS DUDE! He's the first guy I ever liked, and we've been friends since like KINDIEGARTEN
Here's a pic of my hubbys cousin (ain't gettin too personal on THIS fella! 8-) I've known him since back in the ol'day and ladies......OOOOHHHH WEEEEEE! Just be sure to peep this! AND HE'S SINGLE!

Well, she's not seen too often late night, but we all know this silly young lady got it goin on, in both attimatude and in humor, as well as looks (if ya don't believe me, LOOK!!!)
A Ginuwine Diva
I can happily say that this young lady has a very wonderful personality, and has good reason to be in the chat room, she LOVES TO CHAT! LOL Heres a beautiful shot of her and her hubby to be!
One of my newer older friends, (does that make sense? LOL) anyhoo, she is sweeeeet!!!! Normally seen in the early morning, afternoon hours, she has been known to drop in late night a time or two.
This is probably one of the first people I met in Netnoir. She is normally seen nowadays in Blacksonline, if at all. I haven't really seen much of her lately, but I'm sure she's still around
I don't even know if this guy still hangs out in Da House, but he's WELL known and here's what the man behind the nick looks like
This is probably the second close friend who I met in Netnoir. She is a sweetheart, though I know she's startin to hate me, cuz I'm always stealin her e-mail lists!
Chica Spice
This girl is TOO NICE! Shes off and on in Noir, but when she's there, she lets ya KNOW she's there! Happy Happy Happy this lovely lady is!
This is a lovely young lady whom I met a couple months ago. She hasn't been seen at the HOUSE lately either, though seen every now and then in my e-mail though. Fellas keep your eyes in their sockets!
This is a on again off again kinda lady who can be seen in one of the several chat Noir rooms from time to time. If you see her, be sure to say hi, cuz she's just as cute as can be!
Cinnaburst as I like to call her, not only for her name, but cuz she's a burst of energy every time I see her in netnoir! She is so lively, as well as lovely!
OMG he is TOO FRIGGIN FUNNY!!!! He can keep ya rollin down the hallway of Netnoir ALL NIGHT LONG If ya let him (or if he stays that long enough!) I wonder if he chats with his shirt off like the pic..
Here's a lady who I wonder at times if she ever gets to sleep! She's in Netnoir in the daytime as well as night, and once or twice even seen late night! COLLLLEEEENEEEEY!!!!!!
She's a sweetheart! If I'd could think of a animal she seemed to relate to, it would have to be Bambi, cuz she seems like a sweet, gentle type (though I don't know her in person, she might be WILD!!)
D Robinson
Now, I really haven't seen this guy in a while! He is normally a quiet soul when he is on, but he was sweet enough to send his pic.
D C Foxmale
This fella is a cutie, and also a fellow ARTIST fan, (which is one of the reasons I really even spoke to him to begin with) He's also a busy body, so you don't normally see him in NN though.
He's smart, he's cute, he's funny, he's CRAZY as hell.....I wonder if he's single? Well, you'd have to ask him yourself and see if you get a serious reply! He's SILLY! (and also very sweet)
G P Martin
GP is both a quiet guy, and sweet when you actually get to talk to him. I haven't really spoken with him, because 1. I haven't seen him alot lately, and 2. He hasn't been on late night!
Here's my handsome local friend that I've known online, but STILL haven't met! I can't believe he lives up the street and we haven't met yet! Hey GZ, when you and Doggfood takin me out to lunch? LOL
Hawaiian Dreemer
Formerly Hawaiian Dreamer, this young lady used to kick it wif us night owls ALL night. She was gone for a while, but now she's back. It's about time!
Jerod B
Well, I noticed he made another photo page (and is using MY pics from MY page as links FOR it.....) but I GUESS I should be flattered.....(?)
JUGZ (or Jayugeezee)
JUGZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY She's everyone ALL TIME Favorite room chatter I think, not one person I know has ever said a bad thing about this beautiful young lady! She is soooooooo nice and just ADORABLE!!!!
K 35
This is probably one of the first REAL cybermen who have gained my true friendship with and is silly as heck! K, YOU ARE FINALLY HERE!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE! ROFLMAO (lubs ya!)
Kama Sutra
Kama Kama Kama Kama Kama Kameleon...she come an go...wif a bunch of aliases...she's da BOMB though fellas, so she can do dat! So be nice to da gurlz of da room, cuz she just might be SOM 1 else lurkin
She WAS at least goin by katrese when I met her, but she's now going by Katlicks (I just call her KATLICKERS!!!) She's very sweet,, pretty, & by the looks of this pic VERY STRONG! Watch out hatas!
Knew Speed
Oh my....he's a fine fella. I haven't seen him online lately, but MAN, is he entertaining when ya get in the chat room with him!
Formerly a lady named "Pink-Fur" she's been around the house a while now (been there more than ME nowadays!) I've had the pleasure of being able to get to know better thru the months, MAN shes a DOLL!
Well, I FINALLY got this pic from her, WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO, bout time woman! LOL I REALLY need to get to NY to meet this nut! Ya gotta ask her who is next to her, I don't know if thats still a secret!
Lady Thick (and Tracey30)
Well, hmmmm, I've chatted with this young lady for a few months now, and all I can say is that I wish she lived closer to me so we could hang out, and "tell it like it iyuz" LOL She's with her hubby
Lamujer (laaaa mooo hair) as she has told us how to pronounce ( I was callin her la mu er) she is one of the nicest ladies, and oldest friends I have online. (but I haven't seen her in AWHILE!)
Formerly known as Lesdawg (ooops, am I supposed to say that) he's a fellow night owl (at times) like me. He keeps to himself alot (maybe just from my point of view) but he's a very nice gentleman
Lexy, Sexy Lexy, Lexipoohriffic,
Here be the GURL!!!! Watch out me, she B PURTIFIED to the 100nth degree!!!! She finna steam up yo computer! All I gotta say is if U finna (ahem) while looking at this pic,please cover up the keyboard!
Loco Dollar
OH MY GOD is he crazy!!! You know that some of these folks online have got to insane, well, this is one of them! He's a good insane though, if ya get him in the right mood.....
He's cute, he's sweet, he's in the military, he's single (I think) and he's out to sea right now, but be SURE you say hello to this gentleman when you get the chance!
She's awful purty ain't she?? What ya mean you didn't look yet? GO LOOK!!!! She's in the "House" from time to time, and though people always tryin to mess with her, she puts up a fight!...she's SPUNKY
Ok ya'll, this guy is outrageously (did I spell that right??) funny, and pretty good lookin to boot! He CAN be a lil rowdy rowdy, but hey, what woman don't like that??
Mis Che
Well, we're reserving this spot for whenever she sends me her damn pic....CHE...........................BASTOS N BISH.........SEND ME YO DAYUM PIC!!!!
Well, he's the mix master of Netnoir as well as real life! If ya ask him nicely he might hook you up with one of his latest remix jammed tapes. (Still waitin for MINE though....)
Well, this is a pretty new newcomer, though then again I'm not too sure, ya know how people be coming under aliases now and schtuff! LOL She's a sweetie and is a lovely young female as well
This fine lady is one of the silliest ladies I know online. I haven't seen her much since she came to Vegas (maybe she dont like me no mo) but she's a wonderful woman to hang out with
Notorious T
Well, I recently met this young man, and he asked me SO NICELY to put him on his page.....I can tell he's aight!!! Look at that face! LOL
She is a SWEETHEART!!! She's always greetin me when I come in the room, and is very beautiful (brains AND beauty! VERY RARE!!!)
Well, dis mah GURL! She's such a good friend, was even gonna get my tix to the BBQ reunion! I met her thru my husband. She's a very friendly young lady who I think has her shy moments.......MAYBE! LOL
Prestina (pretty Prestina! 8-)
She's JUS SO Pretty!!! Oh man, I haven't seen her for a bit, but she hit me up on the email....had to put the glasses on to make sure I was seeing right! BOUT TIME YOU CAME BACK GIRLY! lol Missed ya!
Prophet Enzo
OMG! I FINALLY got this fine fella on here! He is such a cutie! I think he had to send it to me like 10 times, but I GOT IT ! I GOT IT ! yayyyyyyy Well worth the wait I must say! }:-)
I haven't seen this young lady in a LOOOOONG time (ya'll abandoning me or WHAT??) She has been one of the sillies I used to hang out wif at NN, and even made her own photo page (I inspired her 8-)
Well, I think she waited a year, and between me not working on my page, and not seeing her, I kept losing the dang pic! She Is a beauty though, and when ya see her, I think ya might get RED comes from
This is a local friend of mine that I just so happen to meet online....we're the nightowls of Netnoir......Um, RED......we GOTTA get a new pic of you! LOL
For some reason (probably because I don't have it in my files) I keep losing her page, when I get it back, it'll go right here! Sorry Jazzy boos!
Rough Rider
I've recently met this young man in Netnoir, and, though I don't really know him, he's been nothing but a gentleman to me (if he gets mean, I'll let ya know about it!)
Roz 411
I've seen her off and on in netnoir for a while now, but I've never really had a chance to have a cyber heart to heart with her really. Maybe soon.....
Or Rutrats as I like to call him. He's most of the time in the bushes with some lady or another, but OH MAN does he like to talk about suckin toes!!!! He's great for all night entertainment
Sexy Green Eyes
She's one of my newer bestest friends. Since our cyberschedules constantly clash though, we don't really ever get to talk ...8-( I do get to see her on occasion though, but mostly on our e-mail q&a's
Well, this wildcat comes in the room under several different aliases, but that SIGMA is always somewhere in there! lol He's a sweetie, in the pic with another gal pal of ours Vicious Chips! 8-)
Sir Tony
He's sweet, he's funny he's serious, he's hilarious, he's an all round good guy! Be sure you stay and chat with him!
This yet ANOTHER stranger to da's like she's one of those relatives who too busy to come home or somethin! She's very funny when ya get a chance to chat with her, she's also a "lovely"!
Smiley 92
This has got to be the nicest person in Netnoir to me!!! They even be callin me QUEEN Awatts....well....I ain't no queen......maybe a princess.....8-) SMILEYFACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Here be de Smoothcat.....was met back in the Blacksonline room, but he smooth talked his way into our cyberhome, purrin along for all to love
Soul Dawg
He's constantly changing the name a tad bit, so I'll just leave it at SoulDawg for now, ya'll know who I'm talkin bout dammit!!! LOL I think he's gettin himself an ejumakashun, so he's not "home" much
It's a REAL RARE occasion to see this beautiful young lady. She must be constantly out on dates or sumthin....cuz we all know who she is, but we don't EVA see her online! (this is depressing me now..)
Summer Brezzz (makes me feel fine.....8-)
I met this very intelligent and beautiful woman on BOL, mostly from seeing her all the time speaking with my husband, so I started saying hello, and we started our friendship from there!
She used to be in Netnoir all the time! She was one of the sweetest cyberfolk I met online! Then...she dissappeared....oh where oh where did little Taj go....then, she came back! Thank Goodness!
Well, for all who have never seen this fella before, here be Mr. Tcrud....and believe me, the name does NOT do this gentleman justice! HE IS FOINE!!!
MY TWIN!!! MY GURL!!! MY HOMEY!!!! She gots style!!! She gots class!!! She gots ATTIMATUDE!!!! All that, and looks! Fellas, this lady has it ALL!! (I sound like a dating service now! LMAO)
THIS IS MY BESTEST FRIEND IN DA WHOLE WORLD!!!!! She is one of the few I can tell ALL to......heck, we went to the sex store for my birfday together (wif REDLUST) got toys!!!!! DNEIRFYMBEEHT
Well, I've had the pleasure of meeting this young fella online and lemmie tell ya, he's NUTS!!!! He's one of the NY Crowd if I recall correctly, and I can see why so many ladies chattin with him! WOW
Tiny X
Well, as for late night talkers, this one has GOT to be one of the best guys to talk to if ya in the mood to......well.....ya THAT kinda talk to, though I don't know from experience..8-)
Vee Chillin
WWA FO LIFE!!! This is one of the true O.G. ladies of Noir.....always been there for her peoples....and got a BIG ASS PIC, but she's purty, so she can do dat! LOL
Vicious Chips
Words can't describe this ladys personality....she's wonderfully kind, always has a nice thing to say, and can be just the cutest little thing!!! Don't wanna make her mad though! She is a WILECHILE!
XoXo and June
This newly engaged couple I think met online in either Netnoir or Blacksonline (I'll have to check on that one) They are one of the first couples I've ever met online and are nice as can be! ADORABLE!

This lovely lady also goes by the name of LadyBartender, and can be seen nightly (at least MOST nights) at the Citypub #1.....
Ausmaid and Ausman
These two are a beautiful couple! I can't wait to meet them when I get to go out there for my anniversary in 2000!! Can't wait!!!
No she isn't the bath soap!! LOL She is a relaxing character with a lot of charm who is also seen from time to time late night in the Pub.
Chris W
This is a very quiet character, at least online....from what he tells me, he's VERY athletic, and very handsome to boot! My Pub friend!!
This mutha is WILD!! FOR REAL!!! He is one of the most hilarious friends I know from Talkcity....thru all the name changes, his personality has stayed the same, FUNNY AS HELL!!!
She's beautiful, she's smart, she's funny.....she always beats me in !Trivia...but that's ok.....I just might be letting her win!! (yeah, RIGHT!! LOL).
!Ngame Tucker.....(Tucker Tucker Bo Bucker, Banana Fanna Fo....) Ok, that's about as far as I ever got on THAT nick online!! LOL She is one of the friendly ladies of the Pub.....she good peeps!!
Ark Ms Turtle
Well, what can I say, this lady and her sister (below) are the 2 friends Noremac and I ever MET ONLINE!! They are as adorable as can be, and they even adopted us!! MOMMY!!
Kay Paige
Seriously, though, if you are ever in Travelive, these 2 you HAVE to meet, or at least say hello to, they are just TOO DAMN LUVABLE!!
This would be Silly Melly, I don't see her too often no more (since I'm not in Citypub very much any more) but I KNOW She's still there!!

If there is any problems with this page at all you find, or you have a pic you would like on this page, please send it to me, and I'll see what I can do.

Special thanks to Graffi who helped me with this (Hats off to ya girl!) Be sure you go visit her Page for more Photos!!!!
Graffi's Homepage

Also, Big thanks to TinyX (the Nastyman....) for shrinking a BUNCH of these pics so it don't take HOURS for some of them to download! LUV ya babe! 8-)

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